The journey of sympathy, empathy and positive influence which an elderly embarked on dug a hole in his eyes, and the inability to explore has given no chance to see a squirrel with a hunchback.
The AY NIGERIA GOES TO SCHOOL team has embarked on this journey of exploration, not tourism this time, but this revolves around gender balance and rape free society and this brought so many stories that most shouldn’t be unravelled to a layman with so much emotions.

I want to say, rape is real, and the consequences are real too. Rape happens around us, and we pretend it doesn’t exist, and rape has reaped some lives’ virtue, and we close our eyes to it because we fear what people will feel after it is exposed. A little girl of 6yrs should be cared for, but in a case where her father’s friend defiled her, it simply means the world is no more a safe place.

This form of abuse runs in family’s too, and it can be seen in how cousins and some siblings have been perpetrating this evil against one another, without proper action been taken by the guardian and parents of these children. Some politicians that are meant to be reformers are not left out in the game, because they feel all they want can be gotten through forceful means. Some who disguise as good fathers, uncles, and some housemaids have crumbled some lives in this rape system, and nobody seems noticing all these animalistic acts of maltreatment which can be seen in different forms.

The worst scenario is seeing a mother aiding and abetting this evil that men do by telling their children to keep quiet because of the consequences that would follow. Some children have been suffering in silence for so many years, and this pain has been their cross since they found no one to talk to. The AY NIGERIA GOES TO SCHOOL initiative has been staging a campaign in different secondary schools in order to put an end to this in all students’ lives that have experienced it, still experiencing it, or about to experience it by encouraging them to SPEAK OUT!

The vulnerable in the society are often classified as the weak, and girls are often found in this camp, with few boys. The initiative is not stopping at counselling the victims, and those that have been threatened, but the legal team will be stepping in, in cases that have itself deeply rooted than words of mouth, but action taken would have a great impact on such case. The team however believes that, together we can stop this menace from happening to even you that aid and abet them, and everyone in our society.


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