This has led to a lot of immoral ways of getting it. Apart from the health effects of illicit sex, there are also negative psychological effects.

Rape is the act of forcing someone to have sex against his or her will. Both sexes can be victims of rape but the female gender is usually at the receiving end most times.

Rape is not only a barbaric act, it is also the highest form of disrespect to nature – violating someone’s body and soul.

“Traumatically”, victims of rape do not usually have enough esteem to open up on their violation because they feel so abased to an extent that they detest themselves too much to want anyone else to be aware.

If only men would empathise with women and treat them like they would treat their immediate family members, the rate of rape would drastically reduce.

Learn to respect everyone else’s body today, sensitize others and create the awareness of the campaign against rape.

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