(#WCW Edition)

A mother is the best companion, so I heard, but the narrative is changing in a world where every mother is busy working hard to make ends meet, dragging the role of the man, hiding under the ‘Mrs Independent’ factor, and ending up jettisoning their home keeping duties as the overseer of the children.

Often times, mothers are always seeing as the closest set of people to the children, and this gives every mother a super role of being the confidant of the children. This would have continued in that order, but some men that categorize women that baby sit as liabilities and those that have jeopardized their responsibilities have made most women step out to work harder and this has caused overtiming which contribute gravely to their inadequacy in the performance of their motherly responsibilities.

Mothers go out of their ways to look for helpers in form of maids, and this no doubt creates a gap between a mother and her children. In this recruitment process, some mothers have fallen victims of ill mannered maids that have ugly intention towards their kids. Some children have been raped by maids, molested and arranged for other people to be sexually abused. A male friend once said that he was made to have sex with his maid at the age of six. The mother never knew the evil that was being performed in his home, but her trust for the maid waxed stronger the more.

Our mothers don’t trust their maids with their phones, money, foods, and other materials, but they trust the maids with caring for their children. A boy or lady they never had good rapport with, a person whose spiritual life is not known, a person whose family members are not known, a person whose past is not known, a person whose health status is not sometimes checked, and a person whose intention is not known.

When will our mothers realize that their children have been molested, have the ability to be molested sexually in their absence by that maid they trust so much? I say, don’t give birth if you cannot take care, because the reason you think you work harder shouldn’t be the reason for your tears. Getting a job or work that is flexible for blending the home alongside your career will help a great deal to deal with your needs and wants.

©Dolapo Aruleba