What's #AYNigeriaGoestoSchool about?

It is an initiative to end rape and gender based violence. We fall under Goal 5 of the Sustainable Development Goals -SDG’s

Is it a feminist movement?

As much as the initiative is not gender biased, but lays much emphasizes on girl child, feminism is associated with the aim pursued by the initiator of the project.

Why are you not addressing the older generations?

AY Nigeria sees ‘catching them young’ as a means to address the menace, and this is geared towards moulding and changing the perception of the younger generations about gender issues because they have the prevalent cases of rape amongst them than the older generations due to their vulnerability.

How many schools would the team be visiting?

The team wishes to visit all senior secondary schools that cooperate with the movement in Ekiti State.

Is the project majorly focused on Ekiti State?

As much as AY NIGERIA goes to school originated from Ekiti state, it is a project that is not limited to the state, but has its tentacles spread across Nigeria with our aggressive social medial approach on the ‘END RAPE’ campaign. The initiative will spread across the country subsequently.

Is the project open to collaboration?

The project is open to collaboration as long as policy, and standards of the projects are met.

How do we raise funding?

Fund raising is done through team members. The government, Non Governmental Organisation -NGOs and philanthropists are also welcome.

How do I join the movement?

The initiator, AY NIGERIA creates awareness on social media on how to get involved in the initiative and that platform is open to anyone interested. Please Call Ayo on 08036284402

Is this project sustainable?

Our collaborations with different NGO’s, government and other bodies are vital keynotes to a maintained platform. This we hope to keep and also use constant evaluation techniques to ensure that project continues for the allotted time frame.

Can the project go beyond Senior Secondary Schools to Tertiary Institutions?

Tertiary institutions can be included when the lists of senior secondary schools have been exhausted for accuracy purpose.